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Ellsworth Mciltrot

Well, I’m guessing it’s probably because your car is so fun to drive! Your Camaro is a collector’s item that still bears the trademark design of the original when it hit the road in 1967. It’s a good thing they came up with a new version. It relived the childhood memories of those who were able to see the car for the first time. Anyway, the color maroon is a great color for your car. I like how it looks so nasty and wicked, even though it’s just parked there. You get the sense that it would suddenly burn rubber and run off screeching into the highway!

Nicole Vickers

I love the color of this car. It's so unique! Maroon just screams "I am different" to the other cars. I think it suits your personality.


Totally agree... one year into ownership of mine, and still loving it every time I get into it.

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